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I never did track anyone down to re-cover that banana seat for me, but I investigated the seat pretty thorougly and came to the conclusion that it’s probably not that terribly difficult to re-cover, so I sourced the glittery vinyl and am planning to have a go at it this coming week.

Sy Fabrics, a site from which I am likely to make future purchases, had exactly the vinyl I wanted. It’s so pretty in real life, and I have a lot more than I need for just a bicycle seat, so I think I am going to use it to repair my computer/sewing-room chair.  I am kinda thinking of buying a couple of contrast colors, and re-doing this set of old diner chairs my mom gave me. They’ve got like EVERY color you could ever want, and I am thinking lime green and purple as the accents.  So I’ll have a silver chair for my workroom, and lime-and-purple diner chairs.  I think it could be very fun and funky.

I’m pretty darned stoked about this project. It goes PERFECTLY with the grips and with the glitter paint I’ve already done on the frame. This is going to be awfully slick!

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