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Well, we got a little tiny dusting of snow on Wednesday, and it’s snowing again right now. It’s not going to amount to much this time around, but it reminds me that I should switch to riding my old mountain bike almost exclusively, because it sucks to get caught at work with a slick-skinny tire roady-type bike and 8″ of thick wet snow on the ground. I’ve heard people go on about how they had no problems whatsoever riding 28c-width 700c tires in the snow, but I can tell you that I am not one of those people. I want my old 26″x2.0″ knobbies when the snow’s thick on the ground.

But a snow ride is moot at this point; we’re not expected to get any accumulation out of this current snowfall. It’s just enough to put me off wanting to go to the grocery (which I am going to buck up and do anyhow).

I’ve decided how to give my old Huffy a proper send-off. It’s going to become a ski-bike, which I think is an honorable retirement for the old beast. Better than becoming part of Joel’s backyard fence, and infinitely better than remaining an un-ridable facsimile of a bicycle.

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