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Because I have not had time to finish my scanning and write the real entries I want to post. Here’s some more stuff that was lurking in the back of my photo album. By rights it should have been lurking in my sticker book (anyone who was a little girl in the 1980s knows of which I speak) but I did keep those two binders together and probably shoved them in the wrong one at some point and left ’em there. I usually tended to be pretty particular about my collections and hobbies as a kid.

These were little adhesive-backed, glitter-impregnated plastic jewels which comprised part of my childhood stock of treasures. I used them sparingly, as you can see. I had a few on my paper-doll box, a few on my sticker album, a few on my camera, and perhaps a couple of other prized posessions, and I used a few for faux earrings on “special occasions” before I got my ears pierced. I’m pretty sure they had been a gift from my childhood best friend Kerri, which of course gave them greater value beyond their intrinsic shininess.

I actually intend to use a few of them, plus some other stickers I have around, on my art-project bike. Since I am going with a childish and “decora” theme for this bike extra cutesie and frivolous additions are ideal.

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