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I chose to wear an oversized orange cable-knit turtleneck sweater today, paired with an orange-and-red plaid skirt, white tights, and black mary-janes. It is true that I have short, brown hair, which I chose to hold back with a couple of little orange barrettes, and it is true that my eyeglasses have fairly prominent, dark-brown frames.

I unwittingly appeared at my place of employment in the guise of Velma from Scooby Doo, and it was therefore inevitable that I would have to bear with many wisecracks involving “jinkies.”

I guess it’s better than those days on which I forget and wear my striped sweater tights and get endless Pippi Longstocking comments. Those actually annoy me, because Pippi did not wear striped stockings, but instead wore one red one and one blue one. Also, I no longer have pigtails on account of basically sporting a boy’s haircut at this point in my life. Pippi’s pigtails, which stuck straight out from her head because she braided them so tightly, are a hallmark of Pippidom. I should know, I went as Pippi for Halloween when I was 8! Mom fixed my pigtails with pipe-cleaners to make them stick out properly. There’s a hilarious picture in the family album, from the school Halloween party, where my classmate Jason was standing beside and just slightly behind me, and my pigtail passed right under his nose, making him look like he had a big handlebar moustache.

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  1. kismet says:

    THAT outfit needs posting in “3WA Personal Stylist” plz.

  2. meetzorp says:

    Heh…my shoes are at work, and I am at Joel’s house tonight, but I will give it a whirl tomorrow. My camera takes shitty pictures on the timer, though.

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