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1. Confession time! (oh, this is going to be fun!) I sometimes confuse or conflate various celebrities or famous people, because I don’t follow their doings closely and maybe they look kind of alike, or have similar names. For example, I can’t ever keep David Duchovny & George Clooney straight in my mind.

Back in July, Joel and I went on RAGBRAI. As Iowa is all politically significant & suchlike, there were campaigners for many of the major presidential hopefuls in most of the bigger towns. It was during this trip that I first heard of Ron Paul, having seen a sign advocating him as a presidential candidate. HOWEVER, I misread/misinterpreted the sign, and took it to mean that Ron Jeremy was running for president and got all joyful, thinking, “hot damn! This is gonna be one hell of an interesting election year.” Also, “at least that guy won’t have any sexual scandals hidden away.” I find it quite disappointing that instead of a chubby, genial, moustachioed porno star, the Ron in question is a wizened and cranky old coot who has a disturbing past involving chumming up with conspiracy theorists and anonymous racist assholes.

2. Griswald recently developed a nasty tapeworm infestation (though I don’t think a non-nasty intestinal parasite infestation exists). Therefore both cats got to go to the vet for de-worming. We’ve got a new vet, since the veterinarian I used to take the cats to retired, and his clinic was a one-doctor shop. When he went, it went. The new doc voiced concern about the cats’ weight, which was kind of news to me. I mean, I’d recently noticed that both of the critters seemed a little broad in the beam, but not OMG INTERVENTION caliber or anything. Anyway, now I have put both cats on a diet, and they’re working diligently to drive me smack out of my mind. Griswald has taken to flouncing around the house yowling and trying to eat the adhesive off the plastic insulation on the windows. Sugar has stepped up her natural surliness, reverted to her beloved “gravity games,” and is picking exponentially more fights with Griz. They’re both being a complete pain in the ass, and I am having to remind myself that they are important enough to me to make all of our lives miserable for the short term to ensure better health in the long term.

3. When Joel and I were discussing the diet of the cats, he commented that they’d be prefectly happy to be “earth-bloaching pigs,” a phrase which immediately reduced me to a helpless fit of cackling and whooping. For the next week, any time I even thought of the word “bloach,” (which isn’t even a real word) I’d start to giggle, and if I was in a giddy enough mood, would end up all cackling again. It was kinda rough. Even still, typing the word “bloach” makes me kinda snerk a bit. Bloach!

4. The whole “bloach” experience basically took me back to 8th grade, when I learned the word “choad” (or is it chode?). Anyway, one of the boys was being kind of a pest and a doofus, and another guy told him to stop being such a choad. At the time I had no idea it meant penis. I just thought it was a HILARIOUS alternative to doofus, dweeb, knucklehead, or lamebrain. And by hilarious, I mean that the first time I heard it, I was falling all over the place cackling my fool head off at this delightfully silly new word.

5. That whole “Velma” get-up:

Video discussing the outfit.


Video discussing the video of the “Velma” outfit.

And because the outfit can’t be seen very well on the video, here are three fairly shitty self-portraits. I am not very photogenic and my camera doesn’t co-operate well with the whole self-timer/auto focus combo, so taking my own picture usually sucks. And I left my tripod over at Joel’s house so I had to balance the camera on a couple of small boxes stacked on one of the dining chairs, and so it was hard to get a very good angle for the shots anyway. But at least you can tell what the outfit looked like. NOT especially Velma-ish, but whatever.

4 Responses to “Crossed-wires”

  1. kismet says:

    You look awesome in that, actually. Probably all those guys who were saying “jinkies” were wishing to satisfy their secret Velma fantasy with you.

  2. Lucky says:

    I have to agree with kismet. Even I want to satisfy my secret Velma fantasy with you after seeing those pictures. HOT!

  3. wipeout says:

    That is a totally cute outfit. I especially covet your skirt.

  4. Amelia says:

    Dude, it totally is a Velma outfit. And you totally rock it.

    And I don’t think the civil service folks can discipline you for dressing like a cartoon character when said cartoon character wears ordianry human clothes. Work it!

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