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Yeah, the winter blah’s have set in on me, which is why it has now taken me nearly three days to post a weekend wrapup consisting of a couple of paragraphs, a couple of photographic links, and not much else. I can’t shake this hibernatin’ feeling. So, on with the entry I started writing on *Sunday*.

Now that the wedding and holiday brouhahas have passed, my sis and her little family were able to come down to Kansas City and visit. Matt had wanted to take in a show while in KC, and Audrey and I just wanted to hang out, play with the baby, and catch up a bit.

I have some ridicuously cute pictures of little Max (who’s actually a HUGE baby) and some video of him being a wiggleworm, and everyone around trying to get him to laugh. I have to upload the video later, but I can post a few pictures now.

Here’s Audrey demonstrating the malleable nature of Max’s chubby cheeks.

Really, the expression on both of their faces is utterly priceless. My suggestion for a caption for this shot was, “Oh, Father dear, why dost thou make such a mockery of me?”

Giggly boy!

Sis & Family left mid-morning for Omaha, since they all had various plans and things to do, so Joel and I went for a midafternoon leisurely and rambling bike ride with a generally easterly direction and ended up at my house. Joel has written about an interesting fellow we met while we were scouting around in the West Bottoms. This particular man makes his living salvaging scrap metal and recyclables and had built himself a trailer mostly out of salvage and was happy to tell us about its construction and uses. We saw some sites that would make good photo fodder. I took a few snaps, and scouted out some locations for my Photo Rides project. I’m not sure which street will be next, 9th, 13th, or something else. I went down to Brookside today (today being Tuesday, 1-15-08) and saw some stuff on Main that warrants photography. Ugh. So many streets, so little time!

Graffiti on a building under an overpass down in the West Bottoms. This little cipher of a building with onion domes charmed me for some reason.

This is the building upon which the little minaret/onion-dome figure appears. It’s within that recessed doorway you see on the lower-right of the building and can’t be seen in this shot. I love this building for many reasons, chief among which is that its entry walkway/bridge thingy looks like it was built by hobbits. Hobbits paid in beer.

From the old and dilapidated we move to the new and reflective. Oooh, shiny!


Big, blue monolith! This building is basically mirror glass, so it reflects whatever it sees. In this case, an insanely blue sky.

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