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I am obviously not a prescient woman, and have one especial blind spot in my planning; I scrub out the bathtub twice every two weeks.

Okay, so I scrub it out once a week, every week. However, every two weeks, I give the dog a bath, and almost invariably, the dog gets her bath in the evening, and I’d just scrubbed the tub that morning. I do my regular housecleaning usually on Sunday, and the dog usually gets her bath every other Sunday night. Then, after the darn dog has scummed up the tub, I have to scrub it out again so that we humans can have our baths. Not the most efficient system, is it?

I need to start bringing my old camera into the bathroom and keeping it beside the tub, because Griswald has recently developed the most STUPID new habit. My goofy Griswald has lately taken to draping his tail into the bathtub when I am having a bath. He gets about half of it completely soaked, then acts offended when he finally realizes that his tail is wet. He then vaults off the edge of the tub, and his enormous, fluffy tail is so heavy with water that it bends over in a total upside-down “U” shape.

This is Griswald’s extremely impressive tail fluff in its natural state.

This is a time I had to give him a bath after he rubbed himself on a fern I’d just treated with aphid poison.

Imagine his tail even wetter than in this picture, but only halfway down, and then feel free to point and laugh.

Feel free to point-and-laugh at me, too, because I scrubbed out the bathtub this morning, and Ruby is due her bath tonight. Boy howdy, is she a smelly beast, too! When will I ever learn?
Ears mid-flap
After her most recent bath…

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