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The Darkness

Man, I so dug this band. They broke up some while back, but man, they just amused me silly.


I remember the first time I heard this song on the radio, and I totally thought they were something leftover from the ’80s, some obscure hair band that I somehow missed during my junior high big-hair-and-guitar-solos obsession period. I could not believe that they were for real and that they were a new band, that their members were all younger than me, in fact!

Here is a fairly low quality recording of them covering AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” Always a great song, and a damn fine cover, I might add.

I was so stoked about this band, that I was kind of raving about them to anybody who’d stand still long enough for me to say, “hey, have you heard that new band, ‘The Darkness?’ Aren’t they like, totally the most awesome thing you’ve heard, in just about ever?

My sister initially didn’t share my enthusiasm. “The lead singer’s voice is really annoying,” she pointed out. The band grew on her, though, and her stepkids requested that she turn up the volume when The Darkness’s songs came on the radio in the car. Apparently Alex still likes them as well as other old-school rock like AC/DC. Good lad!

I know they’re corny and completely cheezetastic, but since when have I ever exhibited exalted, or even acceptable taste in music? Since never I’ll have you know!

Not The Darkness, but one of their obvious inspirations…the venerable and redoubtable Queen!

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