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Evidence of a successful canine playdate

When all of the dogs are horizontal, you know that a good time has been had by all.

Apparently, we were on the ground floor of a trend amongst our social circle of taking in abandoned puppies. Our friends Julie & Tracey took in a stray Rottweiler/GSD pup about two weeks ago. His name is Casey, and he’s darn cute.

A couple of days ago, Tracey & Julie took Casey over to Justin & Stephanie’s house to play with their two dogs, Emit & Zoe. We tagged along with a vat of chili and Ruby, and everyone got in a good social evening.

As the varmints swirled around Tracey, I asked him if he felt at all like Dr. Doolittle.

I’m not entirely sure what was going on here, but the stop-motion capture of Ruby crashing into Emit’s rump really cracks me up.

Roo and Casey were getting a little bit of mellow follow-the-leader action going on here. And Zoe’s ear is inside out. Poor goofy Zoe…she’s a beautiful doofus.

Emit, the Giant Schnauzer, tries his inimitable charm on Julie.

Steph's sunshiney smile!
Stephanie has the most enormous dog and the sweetest smile.

Then, a day or two after the above playdate, James & Dalia took in this fuzzy-wuzzy little varmint:
Fuzzy wuzzens!
Bagheera is a Great Pyrenees, about 10 weeks old and a total lover.

Their kids are completely taken with the pup, and he with them. For a puppy who was facing euthanasia only days ago, half of whose littermates froze to death in a cold snap, he’s living the life of Reilly now. He’s got a good family, plenty of canine buddies, all the food he could want. Yep, the little guy got lucky…as did his new family.

Hey now!
This picture is possibly the funniest from today’s playdate. Ruby was just not so sure about Bagheera getting so close to her hinder. I just love the offended expression on her face.

Nieve is beseiged
Nieve being tag-team hassled is pretty good, too.

Of course, Ruby got a taste of her own medicine. Rasslin’ and head-bitey are two of her favorite games, so don’t think she’s at all distressed by Nieve showing her what-for.

All in an afternoon’s fun. Bagheera isn’t sure yet if it’s okay to join in with “the big kids.”

Miss Ruby tries to get Bagheera to play with her I wish I could embed video from Flickr, but as yet, WordPress doesn’t play nice with Flickr video. Ah well…click the link to watch Ruby try to get Bagheera to chase after her. She’s doing this particularly cute flounce/bounce prance that she pulls out when she thinks she’s being clever.

The dogs are always good for a laugh; I borrow Nieve upon occasion to let her and Ruby jump on each other’s heads for an hour or two. It works off their zoomies and provides me with just about as much amusement as they mutually provide to each other.

4 Responses to “How to spot a successful puppy playdate”

  1. planetmort says:

    So cute!

    I’ve always thought Great Pyrenees were about the cutest dogs on earth.

  2. wipeout says:

    I’ve been seeing pictures of Emit for a while and I’ve always wondered if he was a Giant Schnauzer!

    I love this series of shots. Any house full of dogs, bikes, and friends is a good place indeed.

  3. meetzorp says:

    Yep, he’s got that very characteristic beardy look about him, doesn’t he? Emit is quite the charmer and he makes quite an impression on everyone he meets.

  4. K says:

    Awwww both those found pups are adorable!

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