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This entry is mainly for my sister’s amusement, though I am sure other folks will enjoy the adventures of Maru, a Scottish Fold cat from Japan. You can watch videos of Maru in bouncey, pouncey action, too.

Maru is a round-faced, round-eyed, stocky mostly-grey-tabby cat who reminds me of Boda, my sister’s glorious oaf of a cat.

Boda, who is enormous and has saucer-eyes.
Boda, the saucer-eyed, striped, noisy, and portly.

This is the start of a series of photos from Boda’s kittenhood, when he got an empty soda box stuck on his head. Of course, first, he stuck his head in the box.

Then, he tried to back out of the box, but his big ears kept the box firmly lodged on his head.

He backed right into the water bowl!

Detail of the water he kicked out of the bowl.

Boda is quite the fellow. He’s amazingly patient with my overly-enthusiastic nephew’s affections. He likes food, attention, and eating the broom-straws until he throws up. See also curly ribbon from gift-wrapping.

Anyway, I hope this was amusing to cat people in general and to my sister in particular.

4 Responses to “Is it Boda's Japanese cousin?”

  1. Audrey says:

    I tried getting the cats one of those tunnles once, they just didn’t seem to get it. You know Boda isn’t always the brightest. Cute side story. . . Mom got Boda and Sophie these little catnip mice for christmas and if Max finds one wedged under the closet door or under the edge of the couch he will pick it up and say Kitty, because it is obviously the Kitty’s toy and roam the house shouting Kitty until he finds one of them to throw the toy at.

  2. Audrey says:

    I tried to attach a pic of Max laying on boda, but apparently I can’t do that.

  3. meetzorp says:

    Aw, darn! I’d like to see that one.

    Could you put it up on your Flickr?

  4. meetzorp says:

    Hehe! I can just picture that scene.

    Mom sent those same catnip toys to Minnei & Griz, and Griswald goes
    B!O!N!K!E!R!S! for them.

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