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Want pants?
Who says I’m playing? Trash-pickin’ is serious business you guys!

Anyway, yesterday we found a dumpster that was a BONANZA of clothing…good stuff too, some of it with the tags still on it!

The stuff not taken
We actually ended up leaving plenty for the next scavengers! Melissa nabbed a pair of lime green pants and a shirt that she wants me to make into a hat. Christi bagged a couple of skirts that looked like they could be re-made into something else, and I was all for getting every pair of black pants that looked close to my size, so I would have plenty for work.

4 pairs of black pants from the dumpster!
As you can see, that was 4 pairs total. They’re all about a size too big, and way too long as they were designed to be worn with high-heels, but that’s no problem for me! I have a sewing machine and I am not afraid to use it. Considering they’re free pants, I have no problem investing a little bit of time into them to make them work better for my purposes.

I also snagged a cute pair of tan cotton twill capris with great waistband trim & pockets.

Brown pants waistline detail
Also a pair of chocolate-brown brushed cotton pants with a cool waistband & button-down belt loops.
Back end of the brown pants
Back view…the dark spot on the pocket is from my stupid cat drooling on them. It will wash off.

Both of these were from Talbots originally…the tan knickers still had the tag on them. They’d gone on sale @ $48. I got ’em for the price of climbing into a dumpster. Sweeeet!

Chameleon stealth shirt blending into the bedspread...
I also got a chameleon stealth shirt: super cute and highly subtle…if your environment is a lime green bedspread, of course! It has two of my favorite colors, lime green and hot pink, so I consider it a fine find.

Obnoxious pants!
Obnoxious butt-coverings! Yay! The long pants in the middle I am going to cut off to capri-length. They are kind of high-waters on me as they are. Also need to take ’em in. They’re kind of jodhpur-fitting right now – balloony about the hips. I’m way enthusiastic about the Hawaiian-print shorts…they are so silly and go really well with a bunch of my summer shirts. The blue knickers aren’t my usual style, but go pretty well with some of the stuff I have around and are really comfortable, so I’m gonna keep ’em for now, though I may donate them to Goodwill sooner or later.

fancy-pantsy embroidered a-line woolen skirt.
My final great find in that dumpster was this nice A-line wool skirt. You can’t tell in this picture, but it has a pattern of medallions embroidered around the hem in just slightly darker thread:

Awesome wool skirt embroidery detail
Of all the stuff I dug out of that dumpster, this skirt is the most perfect fit. It is like it was made just for me.

We also found an animatronic Mrs. Santa Claus doll that Christi & Melissa were planning to come back and retrieve later. I think Christi has an art project in mind for Mrs. Santa Claus. I will find out soon, I am sure.

6 Responses to “Do not play in, on, or around”

  1. christi says:

    ms. claus has been successfully rescued at great peril and is safely restin at acme awaiting further adventures

  2. Meechie says:

    Damn, dude! That is an AWESOME score! I need to start scouting the Talbots by my house. Too bad I don’t have your mad sewing skillz…

  3. meetzorp says:

    I expect that’s the best place for her…I can’t wait to find out what her
    future holds. I am sure it will be great!

  4. meetzorp says:

    Their stuff seems to be kind of indestructible…I find it at the secondhand
    shops ALL the time.

  5. Suzy Smith says:

    Nice finds. Although I do have to say my favorites are the lime and pink shirt, the bright pants and shorts. But, then again, I would wear all of that, and have some crazy fabric waiting to be sewn soon.

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