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We planted eggplants! Who knew?, originally uploaded by Meetzorp.

I didn’t realize that I had an eggplant plant until today. I was weeding after about a two-week lapse (shameful) and saw, lo! Eggplants! I don’t remember planting eggplant, so Joel must have, unless this is somehow a volunteer.

We planted eggplants!  Who knew?
This is the eggplant that tipped me off to the presence of an eggplant plant in one of our raised beds.

In the course of weeding this summer, I somehow serendipitously avoided pulling up this plant; I guess it looked like it might be something official. I’m glad my halfassed gardening instincts were correct. I’ve gotten used to most of the native weeds, so I generally know what I absolutely MUST destroy. I give everything else the benefit of the doubt basically until it turns into something identifiable or annoying. I know what stuff like melons, squash, carrots, etc. look like, but when I plant something new (i.e. Asian Eggplant) I’m not always sure what I’m looking at. Obviously!

We planted eggplants!  Who knew?
The gradations of purple are really pretty, so I took a closeup of the top of the eggplant for posterity.

We planted eggplants!  Who knew?
This is what I pulled in today. I probably should have left that smallest eggplant on the left to ripen a little longer, but it was touching the ground and I was afraid it would rot. I’m going to see if I can ripen it in a paper bag.

It’s completely irrational, but I feel like I have unexpected and FREE BONUS FOOD upon discovery of this eggplant plant. There are three more small eggplant fruits on the plant, plus some blossoms, so there’s a little more fresh eggplant in our future. Whoot!

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