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Just about here, now!

Been re-adjusting and re-configuring the site since I moved it from wordpress.com to meetzorp.com.

I had to download and upload my preferred theme, and somehow it still looks a bit different, but it doesn’t suck, so I am okay with it. I kind of need to find my original header images, though, ’cause the version I have up right now isn’t lining up right. Either that, or re-make the image, which will be a bit tough without Photoshop at my disposal these days.

I re-did my blogroll/links thingy and will probably be adding more cool stuff like that to the sidebar. I think I will be doing away with the “Nifty Sites” page, much like I did away with the “Funny Pages” page, and adding it as a link-list to the sidebar, along with more cool sites that I was too lazy to add to “nifty.”

I think, because I haven’t had much steam to write about my own life lately,
I will be writing about some of the blogs, links, etc. that I have listed here. Why I think they are awesome and why I think you’d enjoy them.

Humm, humm, what else. Not much, other than I need to remember to take a picture of my studded snow tires, since I promised to send detail photos to a friend. I hope maybe that since I have written that out here, it will remind me to DO IT!

After Joel uploads his pictures from this past weekend (and I can do a little judicious borrowing) I will write about our little mountain biking jaunt at Smithville Lake. We saw the most glorious fungus there! It was kind of orangey pink and basically looked like a huge lump of coral. The riding wasn’t half bad, either. Smithville’s trails are pretty much the awesome-est. The only time I’d ridden there before this past weekend, there was about a foot of powdery snow on the trail, so the ride was super slippery, and remaining on the trail involved something akin to aerial archaeology (“hmm, seems to be a slight depression, curving toward that gap in between those two trees…it seems that it was a habitual path of some sort”). It was great to have a chance to ride out there and actually SEE the trail!

We’re trying to get out on the trails a little more regularly in the next month or so, considering that Bonktoberfest is coming right up, and until yesterday, I hadn’t been offroad in probably over a year. Shameful, I know!

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