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Snail: The movie!

Yesterday, I was ratting around in the garden picking weeds and taking pictures of some of the zinnias, when I noticed a little brown snail intently exploring a fallen leaf. So first, I snapped a few pictures of it, because I thought it was oddly cute.

Then I realized, “duh” with this new version of WordPress and all those fancy-pantsy plug-ins, I can actually directly embed my Flickr videos now. And so, there you go. A video of a snail on a leaf. Isn’t technology grand?

Here’s a butterfly on a zinnia, against a gratifyingly blurred-out police car. We had some dramas next door the other night, and the police were back the next morning to continue their inspection/investigation with the benefit of daylight.

Zinnias seem to draw butterflies quite nicely. I’m going to try to get some better butterfly pictures before the season ends. It’s tough, though, because they startle off so very easily.

It was really,really foggy on Monday morning.
I got a cute, hazy picture of Miss Varmint-Feathers as I was coming back up from taking that picture down the hill.

IMG_0564 IMG_0561
I’ve been trading work with a friend, and one of the projects I took on was re-covering the cushions for her patio furniture. We had a blast shopping for fabric. She’d independently alighted on Amy Butler Designs as a source for cute prints, and so we went to Urban Arts & Crafts, the local shop that carries Butler fabrics and scoped it out in person. I think she had a hard time narrowing it down to just the two prints, but these two make a great mix-and-mismatch duo. This was a surprisingly fun project.

The “fleurgyle” hat was another part of the work-trade project. The floral parts of this hat were a blouse that had seen better days, and the plain tan band is a bit of scrap ultrasuede. Though the sleeves were departing the armholes, I found there was still plenty of good, re-usable fabric in the back and front of the blouse. Enough for the top of the hat, the brim, and a little bit of applied decoration.

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