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Big weekend coming up:

I know I’ve mentioned it, but the ad-hoc chariot races are on for Friday. It’s so official, there’s even a Facebook thingy for it. I’m so stoked I can hardly think straight…this is top quality stupidity on offer here.

Then on Saturday, the season opener for the KC Roller Sprints kicks off at Harling’s. Should be good times. I’m gonna bring a little cash and do a little heads-up spinning. I might even wear lightweight shoes!

Joel’s going to be off on a Dirty Kanza scouting ride with Jim and the Emporia crew, so he’ll miss the sprints, but on Sunday, they’ll be enjoying the highlights of Flint Hills gravel and scenery, so I expect it all balances out in the end.

I’ve been giving the DK200 a bit of thought. I’m gonna give it another try. I know I can finish it…I just need to pace myself a little better and not get lost. Need to push myself a little harder. I’ve got some training rides in mind for winter and spring, and I just want to finish. That’s all. Finish!

I’ve also been giving some “serious” thought to the Trashboat Regatta for 2010. I’ve got every intention of making that event bigger, sillier, and better than before. I’m going to be trying to invite a lot of good mad-inventors to participate and trying to get the word a little further out and about. Since the inaugural Regatta went off without many hitches, and with nary an injury, there’s a certain amount of precedent. If two bike dorks whose “boats” were built the night before and a quartet of drunken art students can navigate down four miles of the Missouri River & not kill themselves, I think a wider population can expect at least similar levels of success. That’s one of the angles that I intend to promote.

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