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9 is the magic number

floam cube

I irrationally adore (and detest) many things. One of my irrational favorites is a deep and abiding love of the number 9.

I tell you that in my book, 9 is the best number. It’s square and tidy. It’s made up of three, three times, and three is my next favorite number. When you multiply 9 times anything else the digits of whatever you get add up to 9. 9×3=27…2+7=9. 9×4=36…3+6=9. 9×57=513…5+1+3=9. Isn’t that awesome?

Whenever I’m looking at a tiled floor or wall, my eyes pick out little blocks of 9 tiles. If the tiles are alternating colors, I always see the blocks of 9 as being centered around a dark tile. If I’m waiting in line in a Ladies’ room, and it’s a long wait, I’ll unfocus my eyes and watch the repeating blocks of 9 tiles on the floor or wall dance before me like some trippy 1970s animation from old-school Sesame Street.

I love reading other bloggers admissions of some peculiar compulsion, obsession, or tic. Very frequently I can relate; I have a hard time envisioning people as being anything other than a bundle of erratic compulsions. Other people’s quirks, put on display, are fascinating facets of the make-up of their personalities.

floam cube
Instead of a stress ball, I have a hunk of Floam at work. When I have really stressful or annoying calls at work, I pinch off little wads of Floam and roll them into balls. I had a particularly bad day at work the other day, and managed to reduce my wad of Floam into about 40 little balls of Floam.

Then, I assembled the little balls of Floam into blocks; a 3x3x3 block works out the best, so I took a picture of one of them. And, since 9 is my favorite number, and 27 is a multiple of 9 (and 3, squee!) I decided that my Floam cube would be a great illustration for this particular entry about my defective brain.

2 Responses to “9 is the magic number”

  1. Steve Fuller says:

    So, I have to ask, are each of the big floam balls made up of some number of floamlets that is a multiple of 3 (or 9)? 🙂

  2. Meetzorp says:

    Oh…oh my god…
    the perfect thing to say, EVER!


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