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Joel redid our closet in the bedroom:

Before (CROWDED) Also, I have the sartorial aesthetic of a 1970s sofa.

Newly re-designed bedroom closet
after (much less cram-packed, easier to see what I have to wear)

newly re-designed bedroom closet
Joel’s side (and the shelves for sweaters & shoes in the middle)
wly re-designed bedroom closet
Another view of Joel’s side of the closet.

This isn’t the first (awesome) closet that Joel has done in this house. Last year, he put up shelves in the closet in my workroom. This has been such a boon in helping me manage my mess. We’ve got plans for some more shelving in my sewing room and a re-design of the way in which I store my sewing patterns (and sewing/fashion/craft books and magazines) forthcoming. After the next round of shelving goes up, I’m going to hang my pictures and call the workroom completed. I have some really great pictures for my workroom walls, too!

He also created some much needed bike parking for the living room:
living room bike parking
living room bike parking
(this is about half of the combined Davis/Dyke bicycle stable…eeek!)

There are also pegs for coats and bags by the front door:
front room coat-and-bag pegs

bedroom coat-and-robe pegs
Pegs for bathrobes and jackets and a shelf for helmets & hats in the bedroom.

And the extra shelf for the spices in the kitchen cupboards is his handiwork, too.

We both like having a proper place to put things, and I consider us especially fortunate that Joel not only likes organizing, he has a knack for building shelving and other “storage solutions.”

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