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Tidy closet! *squee*

I’ve had a general purpose disaster area for a workroom pretty much since I moved out of the apartment on Warwick. So basically for the past 6 years, give or take a few months, my workspace has been an explodey mess. In my old house, my workroom also doubled as “That Place Where I Put Stuff I Didn’t Have Anywhere Else For,” and therefore was often a jumbled up horror show. My workroom here started that way, but since I’ve been all unemployed and hanging around home, I’ve been organizing all of my crap and it’s coming along pretty nicely. I just have a little bit more (desk and files) and I’ll be good to go. Well, that and cut up all of those darn old Vogue magazines and make a lookbook out of the actually interesting pages.

Anyway, in celebration of my newly-tidied closet, here are pictures! Also, I had been wanting to show off the shelving that Joel built for me. It is exactly perfect for my needs and I’ve been wanting to brag up his handiwork for quite a while, but the chaotic state of my stuff had precluded taking and posting any pictures. Now that it is no longer embarrassingly untidy, I am more than happy to share:
fabric stash & vintage collection
Click on the photo to go to the Flickr page with notes – the entire picture is labeled and I’m rather proud of how that turned out.
Beadworking & craft stuff
Again, click on the picture if you want to see annotations relating to the contents of the shelves, boxes, & drawers.

Aaaand, if you are as much of an organization freak as I am, you might want to see the whole set. For craft/sewing people and the semi-OCD, this is kind of nifty. For people who aren’t at least halfway nuts, you might just as well skip it.

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