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Probably the best picture I've ever taken.

The day I took my favorite photo to date was a charmed day – some days are. There’s no predicting which ordinary day will turn out to be extraordinary, but that was one of those days when the insects, zinnias, and I were somehow operating in perfect harmony.

I’d gone out around midday on a Sunday to potter around in the flowerbeds out in front of my old house. I was pulling weeds and just generally surveying the lay of the land out there and things were looking extraordinarily good.

The next door neighbors’ kittens squeezed through the chain link fence between their house and mine and were being ostentatiously cute.

There were some delicate little yellow butterflies disporting themselves amongst my gaudy zinnias.

I spied a nice Monarch butterfly, too.

A grasshopper was out enjoying an unusually colorful luncheon.

But the crowning glory of this particularly glorious afternoon was this casual, big bumblebee who was hovering around and drawing snacks from my garden.

I’ve long been a fan of bumblebees, and as bumblebees go, this one was a top-notch representative of her field. She bustled around amongst the flowers like she knew exactly what she was up to. She was a big ol’ bee on a mission.

Her furry form was dusted with vivid orange pollen.

She seemed to have an uncanny ability to pose for the camera, too.

I’d have to say that this bee totally made my day that day.

Looking back over these pictures (and a few others in my archives) made me realize that I need to have my camera out and about more. I kind of fell out of the habit after I got my G9 – it seemed to fancy and costly to just tote around everywhere, but on the other hand, it is too nice of a camera not to use. Also, now it is a couple of years old, has been repaired twice…nothing is perfect forever. I should use it sensibly, and if it gets broken again, I will have it fixed again. If it gets broken too badly, I will have to save up to replace it. But one way or another, I will not get any more great pictures unless I go out and take them, and that is certain!

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