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So proclaimed Max, with perhaps a touch of pride.

The past week’s snow made for super-sweet ski-biking, and last night a bunch of us dragged our contraptions out to Museum Hill and did what cabin-fevered mid-westerners do best…dumb things!

Joel's newest creation
The big, goofy red-and-yellow rig is Joel’s latest creation.

Battered and weatherbeaten, “The Goat” is one of the local crew’s oldest still-functioning ski bikes.

So did this one.
This little beast turned out to be one of my favorite rides.

Christi test-riding Joel's monstrosity
Here’s Christi test-riding Joel’s monstrosity.

Gotta hoist the britches before taking on Museum Hill
Chaz had to hitch the britches before taking the first pass with his ultra-ridiculous folding ski-bike.

Possum = ready-to-rumble.  Static, not so much so.
Here’s Possum launching into action while Static takes a more contemplative approach.

Mr. Renner prepares for takeoff
Richard’s looking for a good line.

Totally Chasm ski-bike
Another view of Chasm’s “Independent Fabrications” foldie.

Joel & Melissa mugging for the camera.

Melissa's new ride, parked in its own ruts
Melissa’s “new” whip, parked in its own ruts.

You’d be looking suave too, if you were about to take this mad machine down a sweet hill.

Man, I love my life. I can’t picture life without Friz, ski-biking, polo, dumpster-diving, year-round commuting, alleycats, pub-crawls, and all other manners of bicycle-powered mayhem and anarchy! I feel so fortunate to have found a group of friends who knows how to have really stupid fun on two wheels.

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