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Smelling Good

I’ve been fooling around with mixing my own perfume lately – I guess it’s more like cologne or something.

Anyway, I procured three tiny atomizer bottles and some cheap vodka. Using various essential oils and extracts already in my possession, I’ve been mixing up my own blends of olfactory wizardry.

So far I’ve done one that’s a blend of rosewood oil, bergamot oil, and sandalwood (fave!). Another is Jasmine (in jojoba oil), Ylang-Ylang, and rosewater. The third is my most complicated one.

I started out by steeping four coffee beans and a half of a cinnamon stick in about half an ounce of el-cheaparooni vodka for about a week. Then, I measured 1/2 tsp. vanilla, 1/4 tsp. orange extract, three drops of patchouli oil, and six drops of bergamot oil into an atomizer and topped it off with the coffee/cinnamon-infused vodka. It’s a really, really sexy scent that kind of evolves as you wear it.

These perfumes separate out of course, so you have to shake ’em up really well before applying, but the scent carries well yet it is subtle and very easy to wear.

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