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New perfume mixture

5 drops of Rose Otto (in jojoba)
1 drop of Patchouli
scant .35 oz vodka infused with whole cloves (12 in a 1 oz bottle)

I use these tiny perfume bottles that are .35 oz, so whatever liquid I put in besides the oils (usually vodka, either plain or infused) is just under .35 oz, minus a little so there’s room for the atomizer’s tube.

Since my mom doesn’t read my blog (because she’s still an Internet holdout) I can write freely about my most recent project, which was mixing up several different perfume mixes for her birthday. I did my original three, plus the above-mentioned, plus one that consisted of:

just under .35 oz vodka infused with cardamom (6 pods in a 1 oz bottle)
2 drops patchouli oil, 3 drops Jasmine (in jojoba oil).

It sounds really weird, but hear me out…it actually smells pretty suave.

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