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it’s worth doing really badly.

I shaved my legs last night after posting pictures that exposed their excessive prickliness and in the course of doing so managed to scrape off about a square inch of ankle-epidermis.

They really don’t make band-aids big enough, you know? The standard size ones, the gauze pad is only about a centimeter and a half by half a centimeter. Then there are smaller ones which barely register on my radar. If an injury is that minuscule, I certainly don’t need to bandage it. Then, there are the hugeogiganormous non-stick pads for when you take half your hide off, but nothing in between.

If I could get a box of band-aids that had a pad about 2cmX 2cm and maybe a size up that were like 3.5cm x 1 cm, I’d be highly satisfied.

Most of my injuries are too big for a regular band-aid, but not necessarily big enough to use a significant portion of a Telfa pad.

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