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This summer, the thing that has done the best in my garden is the lavender. Most specifically, the lavender in the northwest garden box. So I’ve been drying sprigs of it in the bedroom. I’ve shared out some of my floral bounty with several friends, as well as made myself a couple of little sachets.

I took one to work, to roll up in the towel I used for a pillow in my little lunchtime/naptime hidey-hole. I’m still not sure if this was a brilliant or a terrible idea; I actually do seem to be sleeping better. I only wake up once, about half way through my lunch break, when I check my watch and roll over so my ear doesn’t go numb. I used to wake up about every 10 minutes. However, when my alarm goes off, I’m finding it a whole lot harder to come back to consciousness.

It seems like lavender really does have a soporific effect on me. This may be a total placebo thing, but whatever the cause, it seems to be working.

Anyway, it beats the slightly sewagey smell that storage room usually has (one of the drains for the north side of the building vents just outside the loading dock door, and the stink tends to drift in through the cracks)

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