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Sparkly Things

I’ve been gluing stuff to other stuff lately.

For example:
Sequins + button + hairpin

More sequins, a button, a bead, and a hairpin.

La, la, laaaaa…more of the same, but in a more subtle and refined color scheme. Kind of elegant for being a bunch of crap glued together.

I was going for a peacock feather effect
This is meant to be sort of a peacock feather effect in pearlescent sequins and beads. It isn’t actually cockeyed, I just couldn’t get it to not sit cockeyed on the table and I couldn’t get a decent picture of it on my own head!

Yaaay! Garish!

Yoicks! Even more garishererer!

Ultra pink and flowery and leafy.

This here’s a big, purple, pansie-ish spangly thing.

Super Glue Control Gel is AWESOME
A daisy/pinwheel sort of thing made of old buttons.

Pom-Puff Daisies
Puffball daisies

More of the same, in different colors

I was awfully happy with how this one came out
A big, pearlescent flowery thing with a little rosette in the center.

Barrette featuring picot flowers and a pinwheel bead

Part of my sister's birthday present
A selection of the above being boxed up for my sister’s birthday.

My first attempt at an origami flower hairpin
She also got my first ever tsumami kanzashi because she liked it and I really do think it looks like her style.

I’m also getting ready to make some new hats. Some more cycling caps, ’cause I’ve been selling those again, plus some girly-style winter hats. I have a design in mind for a gathered cloche that has a kind of yin-yang colorblock effect that will be rather dramatic if I can get it to turn out.

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