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I did such a huge double-take on my way to work this morning that it actually involved flipping a Huey and going back for a second look.

I passed a house that I’ve probably ridden past fifty times. It’s a pretty basic early 20th Century foursquare, with a rough-cut native limestone first floor and a second floor clad in clapboard siding, and a hipped roof featuring a dormer window. Like many such houses, it has a broad front porch with stairs flanked by short, lumpy, stone pillars.

Only this morning, I could have sworn that one of the pillars was actually a stone bullfrog holding a parasol.

So I had to double back and check it out.

Sadly, it was nothing so amusing.

There were two bowl-shaped flowerpots set on top of the pillar, and the bamboo holder for a Tiki torch leaned up alongside of it.

Sometimes, I like my world better.

On the bright side, there really is a super-cute bungalow house up in the Old Northeast that actually has a pair of concrete alligators for its stair rails. You may think I’m kidding, but I am so not!

3 Responses to “In which my eyes deceive me”

  1. Jean says:

    Has a pair of what for its stair rails?

  2. Meetzorp says:

    Try the link again – I fixed it.

    Alligators – or maybe crocodiles. Made of concrete and painted green!


  3. julie says:

    The alligators are cool!!

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