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West Bottoms Cyclocross 2011

Massive big fun at ChrisGo’s Urban Cyclocross race. My only goal had been to get completely filthy. I pretty much completely ate it in the practice lap, and then collected splashback for the next four laps, so by the time it was all over, I made crunching noises when I moved. Fortunately, those jeans I was wearing, I’d found in a ditch the day before. (Don’t worry, I washed them in hot water. Twice.) Soon, I am going to do an entry about all of the clothes I have found on the street or in the trash. I can make up whole outfits made almost entirely out of found clothing (except of course for underpants, socks, and shoes – I have some standards, even if they are low ones!)

The Urban ‘Cross was just one of four races in the Street Cred series. I missed the first one, skipped the third, and will be out of town for the fourth, so obvs. I don’t have much Cred, but it was huge fun anyway.

I hear tell of another flat-track race coming up. The last one was carnage and mayhem and general good times. Last time I was riding the old-lady 5-speed, which is broken nowadays. And this year’s flat-track is restricted to fixies and/or singlespeeds. That’s fine by me, ’cause my SS is way more fleet and zippy than any of my geared bikes.

On a cleaner, sunnier occasion.

I need to touch up my silver glitter pretty soon. The picture above is from shortly after I did this paint job…it’s awfully shabby now, especially after a few wet/muddy days. The silver glitter is just acrylic craft paint and is therefore a rather ephemeral pleasure.

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