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An Awkward Primer

Well, I reckon I might have a few new guests in here thanks to the fabulous Thieving Thursdays from Was That Awkward, so I thought I’d do y’all a favor and provide you with a list of links to some of my favorite awkward moments I’ve shared on the blog over the years.

The one I usually reference is the time I dyed my butt blue.

Oddly, the day before that I dyed my head blue.

I took a Burlesque class once, which was pretty awkward because I’m not very good at “sexy.”

I am The #1 ranked Google search for “cheeky blue jeans” and my website has little if anything to do with sexy pants. My husband’s blog, however, has EVERYTHING to do with Sexypants.

I always confuse George Clooney & David Duchovney. I also think David Duchovney’s spirit animal should be a Muscovy duck. Even if Muscovy ducks are nasty little perverts.

Also ran, but not listed – I listen to terrible music on purpose. I love parody music, novelty music, inappropriate cover songs, and Japanese pop music. I’m a big klutz and will invariably fall over when it is least convenient to do so. Sometimes I give myself really questionable haircuts. Or choose outfits unwisely.

Okay, I think that’s enough self-humiliation for tonight! Hope everybody enjoyed.

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