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I’m pretty much ready for the Kansas City Tweed Ride.

I’ve got an awesome bike:

And now I have an awesome outfit:

The outfit has many parts, none of which were originally planned to go together, but all of which actually do. There are three things I didn’t make.

1. Blouse (GAP)
2. Socks (Target)
3. Shoes (Dr. Martens)

The jacket, to which I am particularly partial, is a Butterick pattern: #5232, to be exact.
It made up deceptively easily; it looks like it should be really complicated, but it would be a friendly pick for a relatively novice seamstress. I used unbleached lightweight canvas with brown mercerized cotton thread for the topstitch decoration. I wear this jacket all the time to work with more modern gear.

The bloomers were a Laughing Moon pattern, #110, which is a complete suit of 1890s sportswear – one suit for hiking with a short skirt and sailor-ish jacket and the other a cycling suit with a side-closing double-breasted jacket and the bloomers you see below:
I modified the pattern for an elasticated back waist to do away with a side closure, and I added in-seam pockets at each hip.
I figured that if my butt doesn’t look big in these, then I have done something terribly, dreadfully wrong.

Topping it all off is a squashy hat which is actually the only piece of Tweed in my whole ensemble!

I made this hat using an older Simplicity “Junior Trend” pattern and a pair of pants that I hated.

I’d bought this pair of houndstooth check tweed pants at a thrift shop because they were my size, they were wool, and I loved the color(s). I discovered, however, why they’d been banished to the thrift store. They had a ridiculously high rise and a tendency to migrate northward as the day wore on. Every time I wore them, I’d start off in the morning thinking, “Oh, these are nice; I wonder why I never wear them…they look so good with this sweater,” and by 3:00 p.m., I’d be picking them out of my armpits and swearing vehemently. So eventually I cut the bullshit and turned them into the hat you see above.

So, my outfit for the Tweed Ride is ready to roll. Now, I need to see about this “Grand Marshall” sash that Calvert & the Groody Bros. are talkin’ ’bout.

4 Responses to “Tweed?”

  1. Nellig says:

    Nice outfit. Stern yet flippant. Like it.

  2. Antonia says:

    Those bloomers are EPIC. I wish we could be in the same tweed run/ride.

  3. Meetzorp says:

    If you can believe it, this isn’t my first time out in bloomers:

    Green Plaid Blooomer Suit

    I made this back in 2005, but these bloomers (aside from being waaaay too shiny) were also too voluminous and tend to get caught on the saddle which is unsurprisingly conducive to wrecking.

    My fancy dress box is completely ridiculous, but I think you might understand how it goes.

  4. Meetzorp says:

    Thank you! I wear this jacket way more than is appropriate, for occasions that aren’t in the least fancy dress. Like to the office.

    I haven’t worn the bloomers to the office.


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