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So…that’s basically the sound of my brain these days.

Holy crap, April was pretty much a waste. We’ve been having one of those notoriously shitty Midwestern springtimes. Spring in this part of the country is really unabashedly rotten. After something on the order of 8,762 days of freezing ass hatefulness known as Winter, we all get restless as fuck and ready for some warmth and sunshine.

What we get are about 5 gloriously ideal days, and about 70 damp, windy, uninspiring ones.

So, my annual hibernation stretched through the bulk of April. Fie and woe and shit.

But enough tedious bitching about the weather. Don’t you just hate people who bitch about the weather all the time? I know I do.

I’ve actually been doing some stuff while the weather has been crap. Like baking a metric assload of cookies to store against the time when it is too hot to run the oven.

And there’s the Tweed Ride, a much-belated writeup of which is forthcoming.

Another little article that has been putting me off writing here is that I had obligations hanging over my head. Obligations I’d been dragging my feet over, and obligations which made me feel that it was patently improper for me to be fucking around with my own vanity blog, which does absolutely nobody any good whatsoever.

So, I finally knuckled down and got some stuff done.

River Market Cyclery has a new webpage now. It’s still a little light on content and features, but the important stuff is there, and there’s now a good framework for future content.

I might also have acquired the url www.trashboat.org

Regatta. REGATTA. It’s a nice, woody sort of a word, isn’t it?

So anyway, sunshine willing and give-a-shit holding out, maybe I’ll start remembering I have a blog more often.

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