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Joel either read my blog or my mind, and came home last night with quite a nice fake tree, so we’re now ready to get Festive.

I draped it in lights today, then failed to find the extension cord, so right now, the tree project is stalled out slightly. I’m actually going to re-arrange things in the living room a bit tomorrow and get it all set up properly, so photos may ensue.

In the meantime, here are a couple of clips of my favorite Top Gear presenter, the gloriously dorky James May, from one of his side projects, Man Lab. In the Man Lab Christmas Special, they Rube Goldberg-ed their way through “modernising” holiday traditions, including this extremely dramatic way of felling a tree:

Once acquired, they then contrived to decorate it via air-cannon:

I particularly approve of the bauble-mortar. My brother-in-law constructed a similar contraption for firing the wedding bouquet and garter when he and my sister got married. It was the highlight of quite frankly the absolute most fun wedding reception I’ve ever attended. I’m firmly of the opinion that festive occasions in general could all be improved by the introduction of some sort of air-cannon.

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