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I guess I’m going to try to find us a Christmas tree tomorrow.

They’re usually pretty much going begging in the thrift shops. I wasn’t going to bother this year; I have never done holiday decorations in my whole adult life and I figured Joseph is too little to really know any difference, but I was thinking, “how crap would it be for Joseph to look back through the family photos someday and see positively no festive-ness taking place during his first Christmas?” So, even though I’m not a big celebrater and I’m sure we’ll be batting Cats out of the tree every five minutes by the clock, even though we have feck all for baubles and gizzies, and I have the aesthetic sense of a concussed gopher, by golly, we’re decorating a (fake) tree.

For example, I’m quite glad that these photographs exists:



I think, eventually, I may seek to do something like my Mom does nowadays. She has a couple of sizeable Norfolk Island Pine trees that she festoons with very lightweight ornaments. She has some darling crocheted snowflakes, and some little birds made out of feathers and styrofoam and a few other delicate little baubles which look really cute nestled amongst her oversized houseplants.

But for now, a secondhand fake tree with a generous number of strings of lights and a handful of baubles will have to do.

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