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If I parked the car any nearer to the garage, it would have to be parked inside the garage.

I actually back in with the window rolled down and my head out to make sure of my distance.

The big deal and my self-imposed parking challenge is that I have to do this all in one go. No pulling forward and re-straightening. Also, this is all done by coasting. I don’t actually put the car in reverse. I put it in neutral and coast into the space. Our house is very near the top of quite a steep hill, so this is all gravity and braking. I suppose it is a savings on the clutch, in any event.

I don’t know why I do this, other than boredom and a desire for a very dumb and mundane challenge. So here it is, a dumb thing I do pretty much every time I drive. See how close I can park next to the garage, all in one go, without using reverse gear. Sa

There is seriously something wrong with me.

Back when I was driving the Honda, I used to get out of the car Dukes of Hazzard style, but now I climb across the front seat to get out. I like this car enough that I don’t leave the windows down and the doors unlocked, plus also risk skinning up the paint on the door with the eyelets on my boots.

The reason I park so close is so that there’s plenty of room between Joel’s truck and my car, so that we can get bikes and the kid trailer through. As to why I don’t park in the garage, that is because the garage is Joel’s bicycle frame building shop, workout room, and general Deluxe Bat Cave.

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  1. Rod McBride says:

    Weirdo! And I say that with total love and affection, you’re hilarious.

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