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And on a similar tack, have you ever awakened and said, “Ah, today’s a good day to demolish the garage!”

(a note about the garage–it was a carport that some wiseguy decided to enclose with cheapass chipboard sheathing, which quickly fell prey to the elements, including termites.) The garage and the back step were heavily termite-damaged when we bought the house. The rest of the joint is mercifully termite free, and the termite-killing treatment the previous owner had applied to the house and garage seemed to have done the trick. So far, no termites! My plan is to reduce it to its original car-port condition, then perhaps re-enclose it, to an extent, with lattice work, and train vines up it, so that it functions as part carport, part gazebo, part garden feature. Martha, Martha Maaaartha!

I forgot to take a complete “before” picture, so here’s the first step. One bit of termite-gnawed, weather-ravaged chipboard siding wrenched away.

This structure almost dissuaded us from buying our otherwise kickass house.

You might wonder where the 16 flea-bitten catahoula leopard hounds and the old car up on blocks are at.

Unfortunately, not my dog. He’s the next-door neighbors’ puppy, who was intensely curious about the goings-on on the other side of the fence. Ain’t he cute? He’s called Spud, but he’ll answer to “hey, puppy!”

Siding, framing wrenched away.

Spud sez, “Man, just watching her makes me tired!”

The aftermath. You might ask why there’s a toilet out there, and I might ask as well. For some odd reason, the previous owner of the house had an old toilet stored in the garage and left it behind when the house was sold. I kept forgetting to put it out on the curb on Bulky Item Pickup day. Bulky Item day is the 14th of the month for this neighborhood. Ditto the old, dead computer monitor.

So, I got the back of the garage off, no problem, but the siding on the sides is proving more resistant to the wiles of a claw-hammer, and I need to purchase some heavier hardware before I can tackle it. Should be able to get the old garage door off tomorrow. I have no fear of termite shit and spiders, but I can’t get myself up a ladder and then be functional once I get to the top.

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