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Well, I can tell my antidepressant has kicked in. Not only am I back to being giddily dorky and exuberant, I’m wanting to do shit again.

Unfortunately, I want to do everything! All! At! Once! Aaaaaalll the shit I kind of quit doing a couple of months ago must be done now! Right now! Pronto, pronto pronto!


I was awake at 6:25 a.m. today, Saturday morning, because by golly, I wanted to dye my hair and re-arrange the livingroom before we left for roleplaying this afternoon. So, here I sit, head piled high with henna and hair and jauntily topped with a plastic grocery bag, drinking a cup of coffee and gathering strength for shoving furniture around. Oh, and if you were ever interested in the process of hennaing your hair, you should read Kethrai’s how-to. She’s awesome anyway, and she’s the person who got me on the path to varnishing my hair to an intense auburn.

These pictures are from a previous henna-ing experience, but fairly accurately reflect what’s happening today. Only I’m wearing a black sports bra today instead of that stripey thing which was a semi-unsuccessful attempt at a home-made sports bra.

Right, I’m going to go shove some furniture around.

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