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Mission Accomplished

What furniture that was getting shoved has now been shoved. I should vaccuum, but my motivation has run out. Hah!

So, yesterday, I’m at work, on my lunch break, sitting in the breakroom eating my lunch and reading the latest Harry Potter (first time, and yes, I am way behind the trend…I like the HP books, but I’m not especially obsessed). Aaaaanyway, I was sitting in the break room reading and thinking, “you know, it would be really awesome if the green sofa was in front of the fireplace so I could lounge and read on these nights when it is cold. Lounge and read and be warm, and maybe have a big old mug of hot tea. Yeah, that would be great.” So, basically I swapped the green sofa and the dining table’s positions in the living room and kind of spread out the lounge chair and rocking chair a little bit and moved a couple of boxes of magazines out of the living room. When the weather gets a little colder, I’ll probably park my Burley behind the brown sofa, but since I’m still riding the Burley semi-regularly, it’s parked by the cat-gym, as is the Schwinn, since I need to take it out tomorrow. I ride it a fair amount, but my old mountain bike is going to be my primary foul-weather ride.

I just put fenders on the old Trek, and it looks mega-gnarly. It does. I should take a picture. Fenders, lights–all it needs is a rack and panniers and it will be like the ultimate dork commuter bike. I want to edge the fenders in reflector tape pretty soon. With my helmet mirror and that crustiferous old trench coat I’ve been wearing as my wind-break layer I’m pretty much impervious to the “hey baby” come-ons these days.

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