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So, my trench coat I was wearing for my windbreak layer has pretty much started completely disintegrating, so I knew I needed to get some new outer wear before the weather gets any worse. I also didn’t have a lot of budget for clothes, especially considering how expensive athletic stuff is.

Columbia winter coat $11

Pacific Trail “Charger” soft-shell $3

Limited America Fleece pullover (with a wide band of Scotchbrite all the way around the body) $4

Pro-Spirit sleeveless fleece zip-up vest $3

Henri Bendel cashmere v-neck jumper (in a gorgeous red-orange shade) $6

I almost picked up a $4 pair of ski pants, but passed them up. I may go back for them another time, however. They looked really old–like from the early ’80s and I doubt anyone else especially wants ’em.

Oh, and I went to Dick’s Sports Goods and bought myself a ski-mask affair which I think will improve my quality of life considerably on very cold days.

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