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So in lieu of any kind of coherent, sensible, serious, and meaty writng, I’m going to give you a brain-dump of snipppets.

1. My hair remains challenging and defiant. I have a tendency to shower or bathe in the evening, before I go to bed, because I have a vast aversion to going to bed all sweaty and nasty, so the result is that I wake up looking like a Polish Crested bantam chicken. My usual solution to dealing with the morning hair conundrum is to nail down the most offensive sections with barrettes and call it good enough, though on days when the straight-fro is especially impressive, I might just put some hair-goop in it and embrace the sproinginess. By the time I get to work and pry my bike helmet off, it may be a whole new hairdo anyhow. Sometimes it rebels further, and sproings higher and wider than ever, and sometimes it lays flat in a fit of sweat and defeat. Any which way, there is no winning against my hair. Detente is all the more I can hope for. My hair will kick my ass, then go get me in trouble for fightin’.  It’s devious.

2. I need old, broken computer keyboards for a project. I don’t actually need the whole keyboards, just the letter, number, and symbol keys. I need quite a lot of these.

3. I found most of a metal tape measure on the street on the way to work today, so I picked it up and took it to the office with me, where I snipped it up with a pair of shears. I cut off all the bits that were broken and sharp. I’m not sure what I am going to do with it, but I am very into found art.

4. Assuming it doesn’t rain overnight, and it is hot and dry tomorrow, and the trails out at Landahl are dry by around 3:30-4:00 p.m. tomorrow, Christi and I are going riding. I’ve never ridden out there before, so I’m pretty excited to get to do some exploring. There may be some other women joining us…I don’t know, but I sent a notice out to the Cycling Sisters mailing list.

5. I had some videos I wanted to link, but I have too short of an attention span to dig ’em up tonight, so I’ll share the joy another time.

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