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3 awesome things

1. My sister is coming to visit me today (so I took the day off from work) and she’s going to try on the wedding dress I’ve been making for her. I’m excited to see her and to see how this dress looks on. She’s also bringing her young son Max, who is quite a cute little nipper, who I haven’t seen since he was about two weeks old. So it’s going to be great to hang out with Audrey and admire my little nephew.

2. Chris Thomas, one of my biking buddies, has been working on an awesome project of taking portraits of local “urban cyclists.” He’s got some really striking photos in this set, so please go and check them out.

3. I’ve changed my Halloween Costume idea. I’d been going to go as Captain Underpants but with Audrey’s wedding dress, my bridesmaid dress, Bonktoberfest, and various other events, I certainly won’t have time to build the costume and do it right. But-but-but I got inspired by Miss Doxie’s current writing project, where she is sharing her awkward junior-high and highschool pictures, with hilarious commentary. Because I’m the same age as Miss Doxie (30) I went through many, many of the same misguided fashion fads, including bodysuits, high-waisted pinch-rolled stonewash jeans, scrunchies, Hard Candy-style nailpolish, and Dr. Martins with everything. It was the 1990s. What can you say?

This was my “casual” senior picture. I’ll be wearing those glasses, a different-but-worse bodysuit, my usual boots, a scrunchie that matches my different-but-worse bodysuit, a pair of similar jeans, cut-off to mid-thigh length, over a pair of white lace-bottom capri-leggings. Oh yes, and a black velvet choker with three silver beads in the center (an old favorite of mine from circa 93-94 schoolyear). And a pair of big, silver hoop earrings, also faves from the circa 92-95 years.

I only hope that it will be over-the-top and hideous enough to register as a costume. I need to go and re-memorize some SNL lines from the era, since that was what passed for wit amongst my buddies back in the day. I’m working really hard to be all “in-period” with this thing. I’ll also be riding my 1991 Huffy White River, the bicycle I bought with my own money (mostly earnedy by babysitting jobs) the summer before I started highschool.

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  1. Actually, the 90’s featured a lot of great SNL catch phrases. Bone up on Phil Hartman and Will Ferrell.

    And at least that’s wittier than reciting taglines from professional wrestlers. Oh, yes… each day I smelled what the Rock was cooking.

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