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Well, we’re back to winter again. Yesterday it was around 60, and I rode around town sans jacket, gloves, and hat. Today it is around 30, and I will be bundling up right and proper to head out to a job interview this afternoon.

But yesterday was so gorgeous you could easily forget that we’re still deep in the heart of midwinter with a good, solid two more months of mostly-cold. I ran a few errands, did a little grocery shopping, and just cruised around for the heck of it.

I rolled down to Mill Creek Park, where the Friz happens after Daylight Savings comes back and daydreamed a little about the horseplay in store for us all this spring. My social life slows WAAAAAY down when Friz season ends.

I’m going to be a busy woman come springtime, though, Friz notwithstanding. There’s the trashboat building, of course (right now we are in scavenging and designing stages). There’s the Dirty Kanza, the ACME Tour De Cowtown, there’ll be another Pedal Powered Potluck Picnic. There will be the regular Saturday adventure rides, Taco Tuesday mountain biking when things aren’t too muddy, and probably some other festivities and activities I have no way of guessing at just yet.

Actually, Joel and I have a fine sampling of good fun coming up. There’s the Eff-Lawrence pub crawl next weekend, and while I’m not much of a drinker, I do love tagging along and acting drunk. It is all too natural, since I’m already very dorky, clumsy, and random. Then, in late February we’re going with the ACME ladies, some of the 816 Bike Collective kids, and who knows who else, to Indianapolis, IN for THE NORTH AMERICAN HANDMADE BICYCLE SHOW!!! Who’s excited? I’m excited, buddy! I’ll be taking fully charged camera batteries and a fully empty memory card. So! Stoked!

On the whole, I’m pretty stoked about life in general. I’ve got a couple of job interviews lined up, so that’s great news for me. It has felt kind of like shouting down a well for the past couple of months, so getting some responses and potential opportunities is a real relief, and each of the companies considering my resume is a place I’d happily work for, so it’s not like “any port in a storm.”

In all of this downtime I’ve had, I’ve gotten a bunch of stuff at my old house and at my new house, so I’m getting closer to being able to sell or rent the old house, and for once in my life, I think I have completely unpacked after moving. I’ve also, as you might have gathered, made significant headway on a bunch of sewing projects that I’d had around forever, which created a nice feeling of accomplishment, too.

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