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All hail St. Stupid!

I decided to not do the Dirty Kanza 200 this year. As it turns out, I really didn’t have that much fun the last two times I did it, and for pity’s sake, riding 200 miles alone on the dusty dirt roads of the Ass-Back of Kansas is optional.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to devote some of the swaths of time I would otherwise have spent having a panic attack about DK200 to making this year’s Trashboat Regatta bigger, better, and trashier than last year.

To that end, I’m working out plans for a good after-party location, designing and constructing “prizes” and making a guest list of people I think might be interested and could really rock the boat good and hard!

I’m also “re-dedicating” myself to my “religion.”

I love joke religions. I’ve vaguely tried on a few for size…Pastafarianism has its attractions, especially the celebration of Talk Like A Pirate Day as a high holy day. Discordianism in theory has a certain elegant absurdity about it, but in practice seems to generally dissolve into a smarmy in-joke.

Being as I don’t officially belong to any religion whatsoever, I can basically celebrate what ever the hell I want to. I’m thinking of throwing a St. Stupid’s Day Parade…obviously not this year since it’s already practically April First, but maybe next year. Basically celebrating and embracing the foolishness of humanity is something I can get behind…and how!

Inasmuch as my newfound religious zeal goes, it’s entirely an excuse for throwing more idiotic parties. It’s amply been proven than I am a catalyst for extremely dumb festivities, so I figure I should use my powers for good. I’m happy to celebrate just about anything up to and including Ugly Pickup Truck Day. I really can’t see why more people don’t.

Since the weather has gotten all balmy & shit, I’m thinking that a Chariot Race is in order. So stay tuned for partial excitement!

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