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Spring fever?

I let Minnie outside for a little while today.

om nom nom nom

Griswald is banned from the Great Outdoors because he always gets “the call of the wild” and tries to break for broader and greener pastures. Then I have to chase all over the neighborhood trying to recapture him. Also, he is very, very, very stupid and will get himself stuck and/or lost and I have to track him down by his howling and hysterics. Then he scratches the bejezus out of me when I rescue him and I have to restrain myself from grabbing his tail and grabbing his snoot and tying him into a gigantic furry knot.

So, only Minnie gets outside privileges, and even then, she must be monitored, ’cause you really can trust a cat only as far as you can see her, and we do live near a very busy street.


Fortunately for both Minnie and me, Minnie is not an ambitious cat. Her sole objective, once out of doors, is to find the nearest clump of grass and ingest as much of it as possible. She’ll guzzle grass until she’s full to the gizzard. Then, I will let her inside, and she will hork up wads of undigested herbage in random heaps around the house.

Nom x infinity

I hate it when I’m right.

Ruby was out at the same time, and engaged in a little friendly cat-heckling.
back to bothering the cat

Yes, there is currently a bathtub in our backyard
Cornering her in our “new” bathtub.

This passes for friendly games between these two.
Getting mouthy.

Aaaaand an action-shot of cat-heckling.

This is one way we can amuse ourselves around here on a lovely springtime afternoon.

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