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Payout in one lump sum

Apparently we’re going to get our winter weather all in one go this year.

It didn’t bother to snow or do much of anything but be cold and uninspiring throughout November, December, and the first half of January, so I am guessing that we’re getting all of the saved-up weather in one big chunk now and expect to be more or less solidly snowed in until mid-March.

The very next day after I took the pictures of the robin infestation, this is what my ride to work looked like:

Joel 071
My internal monologue consisted solely of swearing.

Joel had the day off work and decided to ride in to work with me, hence the picture of me trudging my way up Penn Valley Park hill. The snow was so thick and oddly rutted that for about half the hill, all one could do was walk. And swear, either silently or aloud. At one point, before I fell off and ended up walking, I recall loudly declaiming the utter bullshitness of trying to ride through that mess.

Fortunately for me, it warmed up on Friday and most of the streets cleared out quite well. On Saturday, I went bombing down this hill at regular speed; the street was perfectly clear, though the hillside was still gratifyingly snowy. There were swarms of kids sledding down the side of the hill, toward the pond which I can only hope was fairly solidly frozen.

Ruby makes really funny faces when she’s out in the snow. She narrows her eyes to try to fend off falling flakes and it makes her look rather sardonic.

Minnie had sneaked out, but ventured no further than the back step. The cold, wet, squishy stuff on the ground really, really pissed her off.

Joel 089
Here’s how a bike looks after being ridden in fresh snow for about 10 miles.

I took a piece of blue plastic tarp to work. I am allowed to park my bike in the back hallway of the building I work in, so I rolled out the tarp and let my bike drip off on that daily, so as not to ruin the carpet.

My boss thinks I’m absolutely insane, but he seems willing to overlook that because I’m a fast typist and am actually enthusiastic about things like filing and fixing the printers.

6 Responses to “Payout in one lump sum”

  1. SewDucky! says:

    I kinda feel for your dog. Cute dog, cute face making over the snow, but man. I probably feel worse because I was laughing her.

    We haven’t been too bad here in Dallas this year. With walking and riding the bus, I think I’m glad seeing yours.

  2. julie says:

    They think I’m insane at work too (for riding my bike). I actually didn’t mind walking my bike last week, but my commute is a little shorter than yours! Commuting this week should go much better!

  3. Meetzorp says:

    Yeah, but you have some INSANE hills to cope with, coming and going!

  4. Meetzorp says:

    She LOVES playing outside in the snow. She’s an indoor/outdoor dog; she can come inside whenever she wants to, so you don’t need to feel too badly for her.

  5. TomG says:

    Ah, she looks like my dog…but he deliberately sticks his snout in the
    snow and flips the snow over him. Loves the stuff, he does.

  6. Meetzorp says:

    She does that, too. Or will run around like a maniac in it, then just slide out.

    She also likes to eat it.

    She just doesn’t like the snow when it’s still falling from the sky.

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