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The early bird?…

Guess what I saw on Wednesday?

Robins in January ?!?!
Holy crap! A robin!

Robins in January ?!?!
Dude, some more of them!

Robins in January ?!?!
No kiddin’! January the 18th and the holly trees* outside the building I work in were teeming with robins. There had to be a good 15-18 of them circulating around.

Robins in January ?!?!
Now either these little dudes are crazy-go-nuts vanguards, or else they completely failed at migration.

In any event, it completely made my day to see them – and it made my day even better to have my camera handy. I haven’t been carrying it lately, but there was something else I wanted to take a picture of, so I had it with me for that.

But this was totally, totally better. I’ll show the other thing tomorrow. Tonight it is late and I am tired.

*they’ve got to clock in as trees. I know holly is generally considered a shrub or bush, but these plants are nearly up to the roof of a three storey building. I think that counts as a tree.

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