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So, these are basically home-made Robeez. With nonskid soles, even.  I’d like to say this is because I am all craftsy and innovative and capable and shit, but to be perfectly honest, it’s largely because I somehow managed to lose my son’s actual pair of Robeez. McCall’s M6342 View I, to the rescue.

Kiddo’s got to the point where all he wants to do is walk, and by “walk,” I mean totter about like a poorly engineered wind-up toy while I hold him up under the armpits.  He’s really enthusiastic about the project, but he lacks all balance and most direction sense.  He just wants to go and lurches about at random.  It’s pretty entertaining for both of us, really.  But because of his great obsession with being up on his feet, we needed a new pair of shoes, because we do go indoor/outdoor quite a lot and my garden and patio have all sorts of scratchy debris that would be nasty to bare feet.

These booties have a layer of very heavy canvas beneath the nonskid sole, which should protect his feet from sticks, gravel, etc.  It wouldn’t fend off sharp burrs, but so far our back yard is burr-free.

In the course of making these, I somehow managed to misplace my seamripper.  Sadly, I can’t make myself a new one of those.

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