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Wooo, more kiddy junk.

Rainbow Circus was apparently a Sanrio line back in the early 1980s. This pencil case was a birthday present from my grandmother, and I think I was in the second grade. I know Mrs. Berry was still my teacher, so it would have had to be either first or second grade. There’s a little heart-shaped pencil sharperner that goes with this set, and I still have it, but I am not sure where it is. I thought it was in my desk, with my drawing/design/art supplies, but it isn’t there. It’s a very efficient pencil-sharpener, too. You can see I used the little planner book as a sort of journal. The first page is the schematics for some kind of rotating display case I was envisioning. The other…I don’t know. Perhaps a memo to myself of something I wanted to tell my sister, possibly a reminder of something she told me. The third is a picture of our Siamese cat, Mitzi, the fourth, god knows, and the two blank pages are so that you can see the design of the stationery.

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