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At one point in the mid-1980s, it was fashionable, at least amongst schoolgirls, to have a long plastic chain with a bunch of little keychain/charm thingies hung on it. My sister and I never had the chain, but we had a few charms. This is one of mine. She had one just like it, but blue, I think. Or maybe purple. This used to be bright, bright pink, but it faded wierd.

From the same era, a little plastic bracelet with a set of letters so you can customize it. I did that slogan when I was 13, to wear to the Colorado Bug-In at Bandimere Speedway, near Denver. That would have been in 1990. That’s when and where I got this shirt.

Other fun things you can do with letters…

Edited to add: I think I am going to wear that bracelet, with the word “vagina” on it, and as many hearts and stars are needed to fill any blank links, next time I go out on the town. Yeah!

Also, I didn’t have a “P” so I couldn’t spell “penis.” ‘Tis a pity, as it would have been classy to have a matched set of formal terms for genetalia.

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