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I haul all sorts of shit, either strapped to myself or a package rack. This is about the best way I’ve come up with to tote a wheel. Bunjie around the rim, then crossed over to one of the straps that holds the bag shut. Do the same on the opposite side of the rim, then one bunjie around the top of the rim, back of the bag, and attatched to the bottom of the rim. Doesn’t stress the spokes, and the wheel stays amazingly stable. It is heavy and awkward as fuck, but it works. Plus, people look at you like you’ve grown a third head and gone completely out of all of your minds. Always a bonus.

I’ve got a wheel on my back, a dusty butt, and a cat licking the sweat off my calf. I’m Klass-ay…with the capital K. Said wheel needed a spoke replaced and general purpose trueing, so that’s what I did after work last night. Christi offered to teach me how to build a wheel at some point, so I am planning to build a pair on alloy rims with the cool high-flange hubs that originally came with this bike. The steel wheels keep going wonky, and they’re older than fuck, anyhow.

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