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D’uh, I really suck at regular updates.

I could use the lame excuse that I am busy, but everyone is busy, so nyah.

My dad was in town this past weekend, and we had a very nice visit. I’d have liked to take him out sightseeing a bit–we had kicked around the idea of going to a local museum, The Steamboat Arabia museum, but it snowed like all holy hell, as it is known to do in Missouri in the very late winter/very early springtime, so that nixed any ideas of sightseeing. I’d kind of wanted to take my dad there to scope the place out and see if it was someplace that we could take the in-laws when they come to visit later this month. We may just try it out on them afresh.

D’ya know when you get back in touch with an old friend and it turns out to be a really pleasant reunion? Well, I had this happen just recently. We’d dropped out of contact due to some stupidity on my part and due to his extreme busyness with school, but kind of out of nowhere, I got an e-mail from him kinda saying “hi, remember me?” It was a very pleasant surprise, and so I responded, and we’re back to corresponding regularly. He’s one of those friends that I always would think of from time to time and wonder, geez, I wonder what he’s up to these days, and alwayss wished well for him.

When this last snowstorm melts off, I think I am going to start biking to work. I found out today where I can store my bike during the day, and I’m just burning up with cabin fever.

Well, now that the car is running again, I am going to make a Wally run and hit the $1.00 a yard table and get the test fabric for my friend Julie’s wedding dress and get to cracking on testing out the pattern. I had meant to have the test dres done by now. I’ll be buying my cutting table and dressmaker’s dummy pretty darned toute suite, also. I’ve wnated a dress form of my own for YEARS. I had one at my disposal in York, but it was a fixed size–around 14/16, and thus it was great for quite a lot fo my clientele–at least those with a bustline of 36-38″ but for anyone much bigger or much smaller, she wasn’t much help. I had access to adjustable ones when I costumed as an undergrad and really loved them.

Well, here’s the gameplan for future entries–maybe. Pick a topic and stick to it a little–not so much rambling, and keep it a little more brief. We’ll see how that goes. hah.


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